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Mexican Saltillo Tile in Los Angeles CA

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Mexican Saltillo Tile in Los Angeles, CA & Beyond Get a Price Estimate In Stock & Quick Shipping for  Terracotta Floor Tile As the largest producer & distributor for Mexican Saltillo tile in Los Angeles and throughout the world, explore many shapes & sizes available.  All of our Saltillo flooring options are produced in multiple colors - Traditional, Manganese, & Antique.  We have the look and tile to suit any style and budget. Why Should You Buy Sealed Mexican Saltillo in Los Angeles from Rustico Tile & Stone Lowest Price Promise | Quick Shipping | Friendly Saltillo Tile Specialists Service ;-) | Installation & Maintenance Advice ⇒ View our Saltillo Tile Patterns & Colors Saltillo Tile Patterns Square Rectangle Hexagon & Octagon Riviera & More Our Specialties Mexican Saltillo Tile Encaustic Cement Tile Talavera Tiles Cantera Stone Materials Saltillo Tile Colors Traditional Saltillo Manganese Saltillo Antique Saltillo Spanish Mission Red...
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Buying Sealed vs. Unsealed Saltillo Tile – 2020 Updates

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Sealed vs. Unsealed Saltillo Tilewhich one is right for your project? In this post, I'll address the pros and cons of sealed vs. unsealed Saltillo tile. We'll explore these topics: Up front vs. hidden costs Installation issues Customizing Saltillo tile Let's dive in. Unsealed vs Sealed Saltillo Tileup front & hidden costs Here's a little backstory. At Rustico Tile and Stone, we used to actively promote unsealed Saltillo tile. Why? We wanted to maintain a strategic competitive edge in pricing for this handmade Mexican tile. Unsealed Saltillo tile is (a bit) less expensive than Sealed Saltillo tile. So we wanted our lowest price ‘out there.' And, we sold a lot of it. A whole lot. Then the headaches, complaints, and maintenance issues flooded our phone lines and emails. Our customers had terrible experiences trying to deal with unsealed tile. We spent more time trying to fix our customers flooring issues...
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modern ranch style farmhouse

Tell Your Story: Historic Style Horse Barn Meets Modern Lodge

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Historic Style Horse Barnmeets modern lodge living In Oklahoma City, our 8x8 Octagon Saltillo tile (sealed Manganese finish) adorns a functioning horse barn that shows off modern style for lodge living. In this post, we'll look at What prompted the remodel Some design challenges Why Manganese Saltillo tile? Budget & Other Thoughts Let's jump in. Living Above the Horses Todayoffice headquarters tomorrow Brett is our customer in Oklahoma City.  She's a mom of 3 and interior designer entrepreneur.  Plus, she works with her (builder) husband as a designer/builder duo.  As someone who also works with my husband and juggles kids, I can boldly say... Atta girl! There's a fine line between marriage, parenting, and business partnership. It's not for the faint of heart. Q: Brett, what promted this remodel? ⇒ So this was a new build.  We bought 40 acres and built a functioning horse barn with living quarters on the...
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Custom Cement Tile Pattern – How to Create Your Own Concrete Tile Design

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Custom Cement Tile PatternCreate Your Own Concrete Tile Design Can you get a custom cement tile pattern in just the right design?  In just the right colors?  For your specific project? YES! And it's not complicated! In this post, we'll look at how you can create a concrete tile design customized for your space. How to pick the pattern? Colors, colors, colors! How much to order? A few tips about installation. Let's jump to it. How to Pick a Custom Cement Tile Pattern(a statement of your personality) In my opinion, the choice of a concrete tile design is the 2nd most crucial part of creating a custom cement tile pattern.  That's right, 2nd most important.  But, I'll get to the most essential element a bit later. The primary question that you have to ask yourself is... ⇒ What is my style? Traditional, Modern, Spanish, Tuscan, Southwestern style decor.  Define your...
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