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Handmade Mexican Tile | Are You Getting the Most out of it?

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You endured design planning for your home. You suffered through a messy demolition. You spent the money. You subjected yourself to construction delays, mistakes, and disheveled chaos. You achieved greatness. You made your happy place. But are you getting the most out of your handmade Mexican tile? Does it prominently illustrate your sense of style, personality, and artistry? If not, keep reading. If you’ve read anything I’ve written in the past, you know that I’m a big proponent for your home to be a full-on expression of your most authentic self. It’s your space. Your home is where you create memories to last a lifetime. If what you create is aesthetically appealing to others too, then BOOMTOWN! I’ve seen a lot of homes and commercial spaces over the years that perfectly display handmade Mexican tile. The intriguing part Mexican tiles that we sell is that every piece comes with a…

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decorative floor tile

Secrets Unveiled! Timeless Home Decor Trends Begin with Decorative Floor Tile

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Ssshhh! I’m revealing secrets – but only to YOU. Ok, maybe these are not huge secrets, but if you’re reading this blog, there’s a solid chance that you may be in the middle of a home remodel or in planning stages for building a new home. Either way, the secret to creating timeless home décor starts with decorative floor tile. Settle in for a few secrets unveiled.   Concrete tile is the rave. I do not over exaggerate this point. People, designers, architects. Everyone is going crazy over this extremely durable and exquisite decorative floor tile option. Concrete tile dates back to the days of clay encaustic tile. If you’ve ever strolled through historic places in Europe, your feet have graced 200+-year-old decorative floor tile. Can you believe it’s still there as the foundation to these timeless looks?   Today, these tiles have been made more durable by swapping clay…

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spanish style home decor

Everything You Need to Create a Spanish Style Home

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Are you designing the palatial casa of your dreams? Fortunately, Spanish style home decor is prevalent from coast-to-coast. You don’t have to look far to find examples of Spanish Revival architecture! Spanish style home decor is made easy with these simple design elements influenced by Spanish culture. Start by setting the foundation of your casa designs with Mexican tile flooring. In the cosmos of Mexican tiles, there exists a heaping amount of affordable tile options. Saltillo tile flooring is the most common choice, because it lends to many styles. Fortunately, handmade Saltillo tile is available in a variety of shapes and sizes.   For a foolproof Spanish revival look, consider the Antique Riviera pattern which combines the San Felipe and Fleur de Lis shaped tiles. With a textured surface, Antique Saltillo is reminiscent of reclaimed terracotta. Not to mention, it’s only a fraction of the price compared to real, reclaimed tiles!   Manganese saltillo plays…

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how mexican saltillo tile is made

Mexican Saltillo Tile – Behind the Scenes – How it’s Made

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I am PUMPED about this Mexican Saltillo Tile blog post! If you’ve noticed from previous posts, I get a little nostalgic about our counterparts in Mexico. They make every piece of tile that globe-trots into the doors of our Texas warehouses. Sure, I’m fond of  what we produce in Mexico.  It’s splendid in homes and businesses. Mexican Saltillo tile is a great value and is remarkably durable as flooring. That’s all fine and dandy.  Yippee! But do you know what part of this business I REALLY love?  OUR PEOPLE!  Not only is the staff at our Texas headquarters A-MAZE-ING, but the 200+ people in Mexico who do their part day-in and day-out are at the heart of making sure you have stunning flooring.  Have you considered how many of your family memories are made atop the floors of your home? Well, we think about it and that’s also why we care that…

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rustico tile freedom sale

Freedom Sale 2017

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We are celebrating our Freedom with discounts across all product lines! Get 10% off installation materials when purchased with your tile or stone. Contact us today for updated pricing.  Call us at (512) 260-9111. All tile and stone prices are wholesale-direct. We ship worldwide! Offer is valid through Friday, July 7th.  This offer is not valid for any pre-existing or pending orders.

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