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How to Incorporate Mexican Tiles Into Your Interior Design Projects

Starting a new home design project? Searching for a design that will knock your socks off? You need Mexican tiles.

In this article, we’ll explore the types and characteristics of Mexican floor tiles, Mexican tile patterns, and offer practical guidance on integrating them seamlessly into your current décor. Prepare to be impressed.

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Styling with Terracotta Tiles: Classic Meets Modern

Terracotta tile may have ancient origins, but its design appeal is steadfast and timeless. This classic tile is a knockout in indoor and outdoor spaces and is a superb choice for your next home reno. We’ve compiled an easy tip sheet below to help you create the room of your dreams.

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The Importance of Proper Saltillo Tile Installation and Sealing

Are you doing Saltillo tile installation research? Then keep reading – we will help you save time and money with valuable information and tips to ensure you accomplish a long-lasting Saltillo tile floor.

This post dives into the importance of installing sealed Saltillo, following the proper process for installing Saltillo tile, and choosing the best installation materials.


16x16 terracotta tile flooring

3 Creative Ways to Use Mexican Tiles in Your Home

Saltillo tiles are a tapestry of earth and fire. Molded by hand and cherished for generations, these sunbaked, kiln-fired Mexican clay tiles infuse any living space with warmth and beauty. Here are four reasons we’re head over heels for Saltillo tiles.

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