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encaustic cement tile

Rustico Tile featured on Houzz

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It’s such an honor to be featured in any publication.  We’ve been fortunate to be featured on Houzz multiple times.  Sometimes I post these features, and sometimes I don’t.  Today the wind is blowing me in the direction to share this feature with you! Whether you’re installing our Cement Tile or Saltillo Tile in your bathroom, these tips are helpful!  Check it out! What You Need to Know Before Tiling Your Bathroom If you haven’t already selected tile for your bathroom space, let us help you.  Cement tile is wildly popular these days.  There are tons of designs, an endless array of colors and patterns to suite any interior design style (literally!). Or you can consider saltillo flooring for your bathroom.  Saltillo comes in 3 different finishes (Traditional, Manganese or Antique), a variety of shapes and sizes, and accent tiles can be thrown in for more color. Both types of…

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Sealed Saltillo Tile – Why Seal Again?

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If it’s already sealed saltillo tile, why do I need to seal it again? This is our question of the week.  And it’s a GREAT question! 99% of the time, we recommend that our customers buy sealed saltillo tile (also known as presealed saltillo).  In a nutshell, it’s the best value in the long run, requires the least amount of maintenance, and your installer will love you. Sealed saltillo tile from Rustico Tile and Stone has already been coated with 5+ layers of penetrating sealer.  This penetrating sealer for saltillo tile has a few benefits that are critical to enjoy a low-maintenance terracotta floor for many years.  With several coats of sealer added to the clay, the tile is naturally strengthened.  Saltillo clay is known for its durability, but when the clay absorbs multiple coats of sealer, it is fortified.  In short, a sealed saltillo tile is stronger than an unsealed saltillo…

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How to Install Saltillo Tile

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Do you have questions about how to install Saltillo Tile?  Our professional installers have been hard at work in West Texas working on a rustic-style Hacienda Home.  We’ve documented it step-by-step so you can see the process that our installers use turn boring slabs into works of art installing Saltillo Tile. In the following photo gallery, feast your eyes on Traditional Saltillo tile installed on an outdoor patios, breezeways and porches.  Cantera stone 4×4 tiles are inserted in this spanish tile floor to create a beautiful outdoor living space – which is also complimented by Cantera columns and stone surrounds.  The interior of this hacienda features our Manganese Saltillo tile which evokes a warm and cozy setting for this rustic-style home. With close to 11,000 square feet of space to cover, watch how this West Texas hacienda home comes to life.  Each photo is documented with an explanation so if you get…

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Good Tile Installer

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5 Ways to Know you have a Good Floor Installer! We’ve all heard it before – the horror stories of a floor tile project mid-stream coming to an abrupt halt – left sadly unfinished – because the tile installer hired to do the work has disappeared – with money in hand!  So, your budget has been spent and the floor is a wreck!  Believe it or not, it’s stories like these that prevent people from undergoing home renovations… they fear the horror stories of renovations gone wrong.  We can give you 5 solid tips for knowing if you’re hiring a good flooring tile installer (or just a good contractor in general).  With the right people doing the job, any renovation should be a smooth process that produces beautiful results! Tip #1: References!  Does the person that you’re considering hiring have references?  This is really important because in many scenarios, the…

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