Types of Mexican Tile for Sale

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Types of Mexican Tile for Sale

Saltillo, Cement, Cantera, & Talavera

It’s true. There is an abundance of Mexican tile for sale around the world today. But what is Mexican tile by definition?

Can I tell you a story?  One day, I received a call from someone named Mary. Mary was smack-dab in the middle of building a Spanish Colonial style home. She called us looking for Mexican tile for sale.  When I prompted Mary to tell me more specifically what she needed, she simply said “Mexican tile.”  To which, I responded: “What type of Mexican tile do you need, Mary?” And that began our meaningful dialog which resulted in her Spanish Colonial home adorned with several types of our Mexican tile for sale.

True story.  You see, the term “Mexican Tile” can take on many meanings.

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Handmade Saltillo Floor Mexican Tile for Sale

I’ll start with the most obvious – Saltillo tile.  Saltillo is a form of terracotta floor tile or quarry tile.  It’s clay-based and made in Mexico.  Thus, it’s Mexican tile for sale.  Saltillo tile is a low-cost option for extremely durable flooring.  And since it’s available in dozens of shapes, sizes, and colors, there’s an option for everyone.  Even you.

Manganese, Spanish Mission Red, and Antique saltillo tile veer off the beaten path.  These are statement floors with unique colors and textures.  Avoid the temptation to keep it plain. Consider something less common, more exciting, dashing! – a reflection of your articulate taste and style.

Encaustic Style Cement

Encaustic-style Cement tile is the second type of Mexican tile for sale that I’ll address.  Cement tile is a throwback to centuries-old encaustic tile.  The benefit to cement tile floors today is durability. This type of Mexican tile for sale doesn’t wear down and fade the way its predecessors did.

We carry dozens of Cement Mexican tiles for sale.  And, we ship these alluring tiles worldwide every day.  If you need something customized to fit your space, then browse through our Traditional Collection designs.  You pick your design, the colors, and we make it for you.  There’s something here for everyone – from geometric shapes to classic Moroccan style tiles.

Cantera Stone Features & Tile

Our third offering is Cantera stone tile.  The most practical use for Cantera stone tile is in outdoor settings – around pools, on patios, or accompanied by a pergola in an outdoor living space.  

Cantera stone tiles are cut to your size specification and last a lifetime.  These Mexican tiles provide a non-slip flooring option and come in over 17 different colors.  With a low price point, consider Cantera stone when you’re looking for Mexican tile for sale.

Talavera Painted Tiles

Lastly is Talavera painted tiles.  Painted Mexican tiles add bewitching appeal to any cove or castle.  Our Talavera tile product line is offered for high-volume projects at very affordable prices. Choose from dozens of Talavera designs in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Give us a chance to send you a price estimate for your project too.  In most instances, we’re the lowest-cost provider with delivery to you.  We’re confident you’ll be happy with our prices, our service, and our Mexican tile for sale! If you find yourself near Austin, Texas… come on by to say howdy!

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