Renovating on a Budget

What Options Do You Have When It Comes to Installing the Tile of Your Dreams?

While the general rule of thumb is to spend around 10 to 15 percent of your home’s value on a kitchen renovation, the true cost could turn out to be much more — and the budget for your bathroom may be about the same.

However, when it comes to getting good-quality flooring like tile, you don’t need to break the bank. From the financial options that can allow you to get the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams to potential, budget-friendly alternatives, here’s what you should keep in mind before renovating.

Financial Options Worth Considering

What’s Best for You?

When looking to renovate your bathroom and/or kitchen without having the cash upfront for good quality tile, there are some financial options worth considering.

Taking out a personal loan is one option, which can be used for home improvement purposes and could help greatly with the cost of the tile. However, because personal loans are a type of unsecured debt, they aren’t tied to any collateral — though they do generally involve higher interest rates.

There are also additional options should you decide to refinance your home, which involves taking one mortgage and swapping it for another. 

white terracotta tile
Custom White Glazed San Felipe Pattern in Saltillo TIle

By refinancing your home, you may choose to lower your monthly mortgage payment, which will allow you to better budget for things like home improvement costs (in addition to saving you on interest in the long run, too).

Another option, known as cash-out refinance, allows you to take out cash based on the equity built into the home by taking a loan larger than the amount you still owe. In turn, you’ll receive a portion of your home’s gained value (tax-free), which can then be used to put towards home improvement costs like tiling.

Budget-Friendly Tile Alternatives

Spanish Style Tile Floors

For those hesitant or unable to take out a loan or refinance a home, there are budget-friendly flooring options out there that are worth considering.

Spanish style tiles and handmade concrete tiles are two options and are available in a variety of finishes, colors, and patterns. They’re also easy to maintain — making them great for the bathroom or kitchen.

However, when considering flooring for high-traffic rooms like the kitchen, it’s important to keep in mind that quality topcoat sealer and proper maintenance adds years to the lifespans of these types of rustic floors.

antique riviera pattern saltillo
Antique Riviera Pattern in Saltillo Tile

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is an exciting project that can result in drastic and positive changes in the home, though they’re often some of the most expensive home renovation projects out there.

However, through the help of a loan, options like refinancing your home, or opting for tile alternatives — like Spanish-style flooring, are all ways that you can make your renovation dreams come true without breaking the bank.

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