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Spanish Style Home

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Built in 2011, this Spanish style home is full of delight for those inspired by architecture in this genre.  Typical features of a Spanish style home include a Hacienda decor, rustic tile and stone, expansive outdoor living spaces, and mixed metals throughout for a modern touch. It’s not a Spanish style home without a classic hacienda feel.  Step into this entry trimmed in Cantera stone (tobacco brown color).  The home boasts decorative features in Cantera – a hand carved stone as seen here.  You’ll also notice matching stone columns in the cigar shape style.  Copper sconces on either side of the entry add a touch of class and craftsmanship. The owners of this home, just outside of Austin, Texas have several places to enjoy outdoor living.  They watch kids play in the front courtyard which is laden with brick pavers, stone columns and a fire-fountain.  Get this look by considering…

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Sealed Saltillo Tile – Why Seal Again?

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If it’s already sealed saltillo tile, why do I need to seal it again? This is our question of the week.  And it’s a GREAT question! 99% of the time, we recommend that our customers buy sealed saltillo tile (also known as presealed saltillo).  In a nutshell, it’s the best value in the long run, requires the least amount of maintenance, and your installer will love you. Sealed saltillo tile from Rustico Tile and Stone has already been coated with 5+ layers of penetrating sealer.  This penetrating sealer for saltillo tile has a few benefits that are critical to enjoy a low-maintenance terracotta floor for many years.  With several coats of sealer added to the clay, the tile is naturally strengthened.  Saltillo clay is known for its durability, but when the clay absorbs multiple coats of sealer, it is fortified.  In short, a sealed saltillo tile is stronger than an unsealed saltillo…

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Rustico Tile and Stone – Who are we?

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Rustico Tile and Stone – who are we, you ask? Here’s the boring answer:  Rustico Tile and Stone is the leading supplier for all things Mexican Tile and Stone.  We are the largest manufacturer for authentic saltillo tile in Mexico.  We also specialize in Cantera stone, Talavera tiles, Cement tile, and installation materials.  We sell.  We ship (everywhere!).  We install (in Texas).  We advise.  That’s the official answer to describe Rustico Tile and Stone. But who ARE we – Rustico Tile and Stone?  We’re a team of 6 people in Texas.  Four of us are in the office talking to you everyday.  We talk to you more than we talk to our families.  And that’s ok!  Two of us are living the warehouse-life packing your tile.  (It’s not glamorous but someone’s got to do it.)  One of us is a foreman on jobsites where we install tile and do all…

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Saltillo Tile Shipping Right to You

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Did you know that Rustico Tile and Stone offers Saltillo Tile shipping directly to your home or construction site? Our formula for buying and receiving Saltillo Tile is simple. Work with one of our Saltillo tile specialists to select your tile. Order your beautiful Saltillo floor tile. Determine an ideal Saltillo tile shipping location (more details below). Voila! Saltillo tile shipping en route! And so you’re asking, “What makes for an ‘ideal Saltillo tile shipping location’? Sit down – enjoy this free lesson on freight deliveries. Generally speaking, most Saltillo tile shipping happens via freight. Freight shipping is different than Ground shipping (like the Amazon prime boxes that you excitedly accept from UPS or Fedex delivery drivers). Freight deliveries are made by Freight trucks. In some instances, it’s a full-sized 18-wheeler or a smaller pup truck. Either way – it’s not an Amazon Prime delivery so it’s important to adjust your…

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