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Why We Love Mexican Tile (And You Should, Too!)

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You could say that we’re a ‘little’ passionate about why we LOVE Mexican tile. Okay, maybe we verge toward obsessing over it. But hey – We have a good reason for our infatuation. The tile options are endless, prices are low, and Mexican tile is beautiful! Below are a few reasons why you should LOVE Mexican tile too! Mexican Tile Has Endless Design Options. We love Mexican tile because the options really never cease.  I’ll start with Saltillo Tile.  This type of terracotta tile is handmade from Saltillo, Coahuila riverbed clay. It comes in dozens of shapes, sizes and colors.  If you’re looking for floor tile to effectuate Spanish flare, Mediterranean ambiance, or Southwestern flavor in your home, then check out our Saltillo Tile options. Adorning a space with Cement Tile is another reason why we love Mexican tile. As a throwback to older Encaustic tiles, these decorative tiles have come light years in…

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Antique Saltillo Tile in the Riviera Pattern

Mexican Quarry Tile Tips for Home Interiors

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You’re midway through building the Spanish style home of your dreams. Mexican quarry tile is the foundation of all things to come with your interior design plans.  The finishing phase is soon to drive you over a cliff, though.  Decisions to make.  Deadlines to meet.  Who really wants to ponder the pros and cons of handles versus knobs in your kitchen? Maybe I can offer a slight reprieve.  Allow me to offer advice about how to make the most of your Mexican quarry tile within the big scheme of your home interior design.  If you get the foundation of your design right, it’s far easier to add layers of design that make sense! Your home is most likely made up of several rooms.  Unless, that is, you’re building 1 giant igloo to encompass all facets of your home… in which case there are probably bigger issues to discuss in your life….

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bedroom mexican saltillo tile

Types of Mexican Tile for Sale

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It’s true. There is an abundance of Mexican tile for sale around the world today. But what is Mexican tile by definition? Let me tell you a story.  One day, I received a call from someone named Mary. Mary was smack-dab in the middle of building a Spanish Colonial style home. She called us looking for Mexican tile for sale.  When I prompted Mary to tell me more specifically what she needed, she simply said “Mexican tile.”  To which, I responded: “What type of Mexican tile do you need, Mary?” And that began our meaningful dialog which resulted in her Spanish Colonial home adorned with several types of our Mexican tile for sale. True story.  You see, the term “Mexican Tile” can take on many meanings. At Rustico, we carry 4 types of Mexican tile for sale.   I’ll start with the most obvious – Saltillo tile.  Saltillo is a form…

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antique riviera saltillo tile

It’s Nice to “Meet” You!

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Hi there! Thanks for checking out our new Rustico Tile and Stone website! We've been hard at work in the past several months to bring our website up to speed with the latest and greatest of all things Mexican tile and stone! As you check out the site, here are a few things to look for. Saltillo Tile – We've added shapes and sizes to our production capabilities for Saltillo floor tile. Did you know we are the largest manufacturer for authentic, handmade Saltillo Tile in Mexico? That's right – and it all comes to our Austin, Texas warehouse just before it's shipped to you. Check out the three finishes of Saltillo Tile that we make here at Rustico Tile and Stone. 1) Traditional Saltillo with terra cotta shades. 2) Manganese Saltillo with browns and terra cotta shades. 3) Antique Saltillo with an old-world, textured look. Cement Tile – This…

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Saltillo Restaurant Tile -Pancho’s Vegas

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Saltillo Restaurant Tile can be found at it’s finest in Pancho’s Mexican food restaurant in Las Vegas.  And that’s not it for Mexican tiles in this restaurant – check out the pairings of Talavera tiles and Cantera stone that create a perfect ambiance for good food, live music and Pancho’s famous Naughty Maggie Margaritas! I had the pleasure of visiting Pancho’s Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago to check out our saltillo restaurant tile and partake in good eats.  Located in downtown Summerlin, Pancho’s boasts an authentic Mexican food menu that would compete with any restaurant in Mexico.  And did I mention the margaritas yet?!  Be weary of Mr. Lawrence’s (the owner of Pancho’s Manhattan Beach (CA) and Las Vegas) recommendation to try the margarita on an empty stomach at 11 am.  But hey… it’s Vegas so I couldn’t resist.  It’s a good think his menu features some of…

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