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How to Choose the Best Mexican Tile Grout Color (2023 Update)

how to choose mexican tile grout color

If you’re like most DIY’ers, you’re growing weary of making any more decisions related to your construction project. You’ve spent months selecting paint colors, hardware, light fixtures, cabinet styles, and trim options. You’ve agonized over the type of tile, size of a tile, and shape of the tile. And now, it’s time to select your Mexican tile grout color. The upside is that you’re in the homestretch of decision-making for your project!

mexican tiles on stairs
Consider a grout color that will complement all of the tiles in your space.

To most people, grout color is a footnote. It’s just not something that is considered to be significant. Does that little line of paste between your tiles matter to the overall look of your space? Let’s evaluate a few things about Mexican tile grout color and its maintenance.

From a functional perspective, you need grout. Mexican tile grout is not just an “upsell” that you’re persuaded to buy. It serves a real purpose. Grout cements your tiles to one another at their sides. Covering the sides of the tile also protects your Mexican tile by preventing chips along the edges, which wears the floor down prematurely.

You have three options when it comes to terra cotta tile grout color strategy. Match, Contrast, or Complement.

coping mexican saltillo floor tile
Neutral colors are a safe bet when deciding on grout colors.

Choose a matching grout color if you want the overall perspective of your tile to look larger than it really is. By selecting a Mexican tile grout color that matches the color of your tile, your grout lines become less pronounced, and the tile becomes the real storyteller.

manganese mexican saltillo tile
Contrasting color of mortar mix used as grout with this Manganese Saltillo Tile.

Choose a contrasting Mexican tile grout color to shift the eye’s focus to the shape of the tile. Doing so yields the pattern of your floor or wall space. A grout color that contrasts the color of the tile will create a busier look for your area. This is ideal when you’ve selected a beautifully shaped tile pattern.

saltillo tile grout
Complimentary brown grout to blend into Manganese Saltillo Tile. It also contrasts with the Traditional Saltillo tile.

Choose a complementary grout color if you merely want to play it safe. Most tiles blend well with gray, beige, and neutral tones. Bland colors may not conjure up a unique aesthetic, but they will prevent you from making a costly mistake on a bolder Mexican tile grout color choice.

There you have it – the ins and outs of grout color choices. One of the most popular questions we receive is “What type of Saltillo tile grout do I need for my floor?” Fortunately, it’s an easy answer as well as a low-cost solution. Regular mortar mix is our Mexican tile grout of choice. There are several brands available. Our installers stick with Quikcrete Mortar Mix which is found at most home improvement stores. Once the mortar mix is dry, it displays light gray color. This is most traditional for Mexican tile floors.

antique mexican tile
Dark grout was left on the surface of this textured tile to accentuate the Antique look.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to seal your grout. Since we’re in the Mexican tile business, our process is simple. Buy our Mexican tile pre-sealed so it is ready to install upon delivery. After installation is complete and your floor is clean and dry, apply a final topcoat sealer for scratch resistance, UV protection, and other benefits. With this last coat of sealer, your grout is also sealed and protected. Our best-quality Mexican tile sealer (TerraNano topcoat sealer) has a generous lifespan of 10-15 years. What’s better than a floor that you love which requires very little maintenance?

Check back often for more design and installation tips. If you’re considering Mexican tile for your next project, contact us today. We offer wholesale prices and worldwide delivery of Mexican tiles, Saltillo TileCement TileCantera Stone, and Talavera tiles.

how to choose mexican tile grout colors

What is your favorite grout color strategy? Comment below!  

Don’t see the information that you are looking for to make a color choice for your project?  Leave me a comment so I can address it.

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2 thoughts on “How to Choose the Best Mexican Tile Grout Color (2023 Update)”

  1. Hi Melanie,
    I hope you’re still monitoring this blog.
    I, too, am a lover of Jesus and Mexican tile! However, I am no expert with the tile, this being my first experience with it.
    I hired a man to install a Talavera backsplash and mural and he has placed them beautifully…or, at least I think so. Our problem is that the lines between the tiles are uneven and, because I wanted a dark blue grout to go with the frame of the mural, he has used a grout that was initially made for glass tile. It has sparkles in it and I really don’t like that, but the worst thing is that it sets up very quickly and is very hard for him to work with, and some of the tile edges are darkening. Can you recommend a good grout to use with Talavera? Do you know of any with colors that aren’t neutral? I live in TN and all the colors I can find are either black, white, or shades of beige or grey.
    He has stopped after the Wall with the mural and I’m hoping to find a better grout for the other walls.
    Thank you for considering my problem.
    May God’s love and blessings make themselves known to you today!

  2. Hi Judy – It’s nice to meet you! 🙂 If you have handmade Talavera, it is normal to have variations in the grout joints. For grout, you can consider sanded or unsanded grout. Check a local home improvement store for those options. You’ll have a LOT of color choices in sanded or unsanded ground. Hope that helps! God bless!

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