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Tell Your Story: Historic Style Horse Barn Meets Modern Lodge

modern ranch style farmhouse

Historic Style Horse Barn

meets modern lodge living

In Oklahoma City, our 8×8 Octagon Saltillo tile (sealed Manganese finish) adorns a functioning horse barn that shows off modern style for lodge living.

In this post, we’ll look at

  1. What prompted the remodel
  2. Some design challenges
  3. Why Manganese Saltillo tile?
  4. Budget & Other Thoughts

Let’s jump in.

Living Above the Horses Today

office headquarters tomorrow

Modern Horse Barn

Brett is our customer in Oklahoma City.  She’s a mom of 3 and interior designer entrepreneur.  Plus, she works with her (builder) husband as a designer/builder duo.  As someone who also works with my husband and juggles kids, I can boldly say… Atta girl! There’s a fine line between marriage, parenting, and business partnership. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Q: Brett, what promted this remodel?

⇒ So this was a new build.  We bought 40 acres and built a functioning horse barn with living quarters on the upper level.  This will ultimately be our office headquarters eventually. For now, we are living there for a few years and loving it!

The downstairs has a kitchenette and powder room for workers and guests.  The upstairs is one giant room with kitchen, bathroom, dining and living room.  There is currently a nursery for our new baby which will become an office.  All of these spaces have Manganese Saltillo tile.

Design Challenges

a modern-historic blend

farmhouse bathroom shower

Q: What were the major design challenges that you faced during this project?

⇒ Fitting mechanicals into this space with all of the open vaulted ceilings was a challenge… the sheer height of this made a traditional wood framed structure challenging because of it’s massive stature.

And it’s a simple open concept plan with two large bedrooms, shared bath upstairs, separate large closets, and small nursery/office.  I had a vision of building a modern take on a truly historic working barn. We just love how it turned out!

Why Manganese Saltillo Tile?

8×8 octagon Saltillo tile flooring

Q: Why did you choose Saltillo Tile flooring?

⇒ It was like investing in a timeless culture I couldn’t create without the use of it.  I wanted that historic Spanish vibe in this space mixed with modern bright color!  I wanted Spanish, Native American, and Western Cowboy meets modern lodge. Saltillo was the only key to fit in my opinion. Worth every penny!

Q: What do you love most about the Octagon Saltillo tile flooring choice?

⇒ The TEXTURE and irregularity of this flooring provides a rich historic feeling that we needed and love!
This is so easy to keep clean.  It also disguises dirt SO WELL.
It’s literally like art on my floor and I can’t get enough of it!

I will use in our next home for sure!  Only I’ll use it in more locations!

♦ Learn about more unique characteristics in our Ultimate Guide to Saltillo Tile Flooring.

Final Thoughts

buying Saltillo tile online

Q: How was your experience working with the team at Rustico Tile?

 I remember it being scary to order because it was a big financial commitment and no guarantee how the natural clay blend would look in our space.  I was so nervous that I would spend all of this money and not like final product.  But I’m so glad I did!!!  We did the Manganese Saltillo tile color blend. I am so glad I splurged on it for all of my tile flooring!

 Note: Brett reached out to our team at Rustico Tile in mid-April 2018. We sent several price estimates to her comparing our San Felipe & Octagon patterns. Ultimately, she purchased in late May 2018 without ordering samples.

♦ Check out other color finishes in Octagon Saltillo Tile flooring.

A little about Brett and her business.

⇒ I have been an interior designer for 13 years and my husband has built over 400 homes in his career.  We met via work and got married a year later! 🙂 We have separate companies but collaborate daily.  I work for many other clients, but our custom home builds are always built as a designer/builder duo.  We focus on residential custom homes but we also do small commercial projects.  We love anything unique and different.  Check out Stone Ridge Fine Homes and Designers Brew. Find Brett on instagram and facebook @designersbrew. Photos by Trevor Wolf

Saltillo tile was the only key fit to my project. It’s literally like art on my floor and I can’t get enough of it!

Brett McPherson
Designers Brew

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  1. Thank you for featuring our barn home! I just LOVE your product and so enjoyed working with you all! My favorite pieces are the one in every few hundred with a dog paw print on them. ♥️

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