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Tell Your Story: 1960s Condo Renovation Remedy that Features Manganese Saltillo Tile

manganese saltillo tile flooring

1960s Remodel Remedy

Manganese Saltillo Tile Flooring

In Carmel, California, our 12×12 Sealed Manganese Saltillo tile serves as flooring for a remodeled 1960s 2-bedroom/2-bath condo.

In this post, we’ll look at

  1. What prompted the remodel
  2. Some project challenges
  3. Why Saltillo tile?
  4. Budget & Other Thoughts

Let’s dive right in.

Time to Take Action

cracks & elevation differences in foundation

Debi is our customer in Carmel, California. We started our journey with Debi in November 2018.  She initially contacted us inquiring about our 12×12 Sealed Saltillo tile in the Manganese & Antique finishes. We sent a price estimate to her for 1100 square feet of both finishes.

Shortly after receiving her price estimates, she ordered samples.

Fast forward to late February 2019, Debi ordered 1375 square feet of 12×12 Super Sealed Manganese Saltillo tile flooring, thinset, crack prevention & waterproofing membrane, and TerraNano topcoat sealer in the gloss finish.

(Learn more about this flooring with the Ultimate Guide to Saltillo Tile Flooring.)

outdoor manganese saltillo tile
Saltillo tile is a great choice for outdoor patio tile when properly installed.

Q: What prompted this remodel?
⇒ It was an unusual circumstance. The foundation of my 1960s condo was settling at an alarming rate. In fact, at one end, it was 7 inches lower in elevation than the other end. I saw cracks developing that were 4 feet long.  These things prompted me to act.

Project Challenges

it always looks worse before it gets better

Q: What were the major challenges that you faced during this remodel?
 The primary challenge is that this was a remodel of a 1960s structure.  We found many construction issues.

  • Shortcuts were taken in the 1960s
  • Items were not up to code
  • Empty whiskey bottles in the walls!! (haha)

It was more than anyone anticipated.

foundation repair
Foundation Repair

This project became a full remodel due to the slab foundation replacement.  My condo unit was slaughtered down to the bare studs.  I reused the kitchen cabinets.

Steel piers were driven down to bedrock around the whole perimeter. Then, I had an extra heavy rebar set in the new (& thicker) slab. The most important thing to me was to make darn sure this slab wasn’t going to move anymore. I want my beautiful Saltillo tile to be safe.

Why Saltillo Tile?

12×12 manganese Saltillo flooring

Q: Why did you choose Saltillo Tile flooring?
 First, it was the look. I like the sense of history and rustic, handmade quality.

Second, I also wanted something that would work outside as well as inside.  My interior floors flow directly to that patio.  It’s the whole idea of bringing the outside in and the inside out!

And lastly, the Manganese coloration! It was exactly what I wanted. I have seen factory-made representations of Saltillo, but nothing beats the real thing!!

Money Matters

& other miscellaneous decisions

Q: Do you have a specific budget for this project?
⇒  Fortunately, this was on the condo complex’s dime. My task was A) to replace like with like or B) pay for the upgrade difference for the cosmetic changes.

Before the renovation, the unit was 2/3 tile.  So, I was offered a full house of tile of similar value to compensate for my misfortune! 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised at the overall final costs. The finished look was a huge visual upgrade for a similar cost.

12x12 Super Manganese Sealed Saltillo TIle
12×12 Super Manganese Sealed Saltillo Tile

(I’m happy to say that Debi was able to replace her entire floor tile for just over $5,000. )

Q: What do you love most about the finished project?
⇒  For me, it gives my place a sense of history. Especially since I went with the no-baseboard look, it’s authentic to the time period. Knowing the tile is handmade in the traditional way appeals to me. And I appreciate all the hard work that goes into it. The Manganese colors are beautiful. The rustic look adds an inviting warmth. Plus, it turns an otherwise typical two-bedroom / two-bath condo into something special!

♦ Debi is the owner of Champlin Interiors – in business for 30 years. She handles a variety of design styles. But she specializes in rustic contemporary, southwest, ranch, & old world. She creates her drawings by hand.  She also designs custom furniture and lighting. Also, Debi loves working with local artisans.  Her portfolio can be seen on LinkedIn or contact via email.

When I worked with the team at Rustico Tile, I liked how they kept me updated with the shipping & promptness of sampling. I also like the friendliness of everyone involved.

Debi Champlin
Champlin Interiors

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