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What is Considered to be Good Quality Mexican Saltillo Tile?

Are you in the market for some Mexican Saltillo tile? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Choosing the right flooring for your home can be a daunting task, but we’re here to make it a little easier for you. In this blog post, we’ll dive into what makes a Mexican Saltillo tile considered good quality and why it might be the perfect choice for your home. We’ll even debunk common myths and misinformation that’s ‘out there’.

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s explore the world of beautiful and durable Saltillo tile floors!

4 Key Indicators of Quality Mexican Saltillo Floor Tiles

When it comes to deciding on the quality of Mexican Saltillo tiles, there are several important factors to consider including

  • Where are the tiles made?
  • Are the Saltillo tiles handmade?
  • How thick are Saltillo terracotta tiles?
  • Should you buy sealed or unsealed Saltillo tiles?

What is Saltillo Tile and Why is it Considered High-Quality Mexican Tile?

Saltillo tile is a durable type of terracotta tile made from natural clay found in the Mexican city of Saltillo. It is considered high-quality because of its unique and rustic appearance, durability, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Its handmade production process adds to its authenticity and value.

But not all terracotta is Saltillo tile so it’s important to understand the differences between them.

Does it Matter Where Saltillo Tile is Made?

Yes, definitely. This is the #1 factor of quality.

Authentic Saltillo clay tiles are only made in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. This is a crucial detail to note because the origin of the clay used in manufacturing is one of the most durable clays for terracotta tiles in the world. The natural Saltillo clay that is exclusively found in this region is what makes these tiles unique in their strength and longevity.

origins of Saltillo tile

In fact, the artisan process of manufacturing takes place on-site, near the riverbeds of clay. This ensures that the tiles are made with the highest quality materials and are manufactured with precision and care – as they have been for many generations. It is important to note that if you are looking for authentic Saltillo tiles, they must come from Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, to ensure that you are getting the best quality product.

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Is Mexican Saltillo Tile Handmade?

To be considered authentic Saltillo, the tiles must be handmade. Handmade terra cotta tiles, crafted solely from Mexican Saltillo clay, are a part of the traditional tile-making process. This process is completely done by hand, without any involvement of machines so the artisans control meticulous attention to detail. The end result is a rustic Mexican floor for your home or business.

With tiles made by Rustico Tile & Stone, we utilize a single machine after the tiles have been made – an airless sprayer. This sprayer applies 5+ coats of sealer to seal the tiles. Because buying and installing sealed Saltillo tiles is the most economical (and results in the least amount of floor maintenance), we take great pride in the quality of our sealed tiles.

How Thick is Saltillo Tile and Why Does it Matter?

When it comes to quality Mexican Saltillo floor tiles, the thickness plays a crucial role in its durability and longevity. To be good quality, the thinnest clay tile should not be less than 1/2″ thick. Although most sizes average 3/4″ thick or thicker for larger sizes, this thickness is essential for terracotta tiles to last a lifetime. If the clay is too thin, it will result in brittle and easily breakable tiles. Therefore, it is essential to select a proper thickness while purchasing Saltillo tiles for your flooring needs.

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How Do I Know if the Sealed Saltillo Tile is Fully Sealed?

At Rustico Tile & Stone, we are proud to be a market leader in offering fully-sealed Saltillo tiles at affordable prices. Unlike other tiles that are only “primed” with a couple of coats of sealer, our tiles undergo a meticulous process. We apply 5+ coats of an oil-based penetrating sealer, which is specially manufactured at our facility in Mexico. This unique tile sealer not only enhances the natural color of the clay tile but also creates the traditional shades of terra cotta, golden, oranges, and reds. But also, the volume of the penetrating that we apply also fortifies an already durable clay. This makes our sealed Saltillo tile floors a leader in durability.

When you receive our tiles, you’ll notice their exceptional quality. You can pour a cup (or even more) of water onto the clay surface, and you will see that the water stands on top. This demonstrates the effectiveness of our sealing process. Moreover, this feature helps you save money as you can install the tiles without the need for soaking them or applying multiple coats of sealer to complete your Saltillo tile flooring.

Although we recommend applying a final topcoat sealer for additional benefits such as abrasion resistance, UV protection, and grout coverage, you’ll find that one very thin coat of sealer is all that’s required as your last and final step in the installation process. Learn about the importance of proper Saltillo tile installation and sealing.

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