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How to Clean Mexican Tile Grout: Insider Hacks to Keep Your Floors Gleaming

Are you trying to figure out the best way to clean Mexican tile grout? You’re not alone. In fact, nearly half of Americans try up to three ways of cleaning something before giving up on it. In comparison, one in seven claims they’d try at least ten different ways, according to one survey of 2,000 Americans. 

When cleaning the grout of a Mexican tile floor, the task itself should be more noticed. From the importance of keeping the grout clean to the benefits of preventative care, here’s what you should remember when looking to ensure your tile always looks its best.

Why Cleaning Your Mexican Tile Grout Matters

Uncleaned and unsealed grout will quickly start to look dingy, thus compromising the overall aesthetic of your Mexican tile. Furthermore, uncleaned tile grout can accumulate dirt, bacteria, and mold, leading to unnecessary damage.

Pro Tip: Apply high-quality Mexican tile sealer to your grout from the get-go. That makes the method of cleaning Mexican tile grout a breeze!

So cleaning your tile regularly prevents premature staining and damage, making it the ideal way to keep your Mexican tile flooring looking its best.

Regarding preventative care for bathroom tiling, The Spruce recommends daily wiping and spraying after a bath/shower, while cleaning the grout involves a different method. However, it’s worth noting that loose tile and mold are signs that regrouting may be needed.

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Deep Cleaning Grout Solutions

A weekly (or biweekly) deep clean with water and baking soda paste is ideal for keeping up with cleaning your grout. For stain removal, using hydrogen peroxide is advised. In contrast, manage ‘seriously stained’ grout via an oxygen-type powdered bleach (noted to be gentler). 

It’s worth mentioning, however, that how you clean your grout depends on the type you’re working with. According to Angi.com, there isn’t a universal cleaning technique because grout is made from different materials. However, most can be cared for in similar ways. For example, if you want to preserve epoxy grout color, you must opt for gentler cleaning solutions.

When in doubt, a professional cleaning service can ensure that your tile and grout are well cared for. A reputable cleaning company will ensure you have a range of professional cleaning options, whether you need a deep clean or something lighter. This is a fantastic option for those new to cleaning Mexican tiles who don’t have time to tackle the grout or need to figure out the best cleaning products and methods. 

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Regular Mexican Tile Grout Maintenance (without the stress)

Frequent preventative cleaning measures will ensure your tile is well cared for. When regularly cleaning the grout, one HGTV post offers several innovative cleaning options that can relieve the matter’s stress. Using an old electric toothbrush is a great suggestion to make regular maintenance much quicker. 

Reaching for typical household supplies can offer additional, simple, and stress-free ways to care for your tile’s grout. However, while vinegar is popular for household cleaning, it’s considered too acidic for grout cleaning (if you don’t have sealed tile). Suppose your Mexican tiles and grout have a quality sealer. In that case, cleaning with vinegar/water is an acceptable option. But also, baking soda is indicated to be “among the best homemade grout cleaners,” particularly for stained grout, highlights the HGTV post. 

Cleaning tile grout is a mundane task that can be easily overlooked. However, when taken care of properly, you can ensure your Mexican tile stays aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained.

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