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Manganese Mexican Saltillo Tile

Manganese Riviera Saltillo Tile

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I’m starting a series here at Rustico Tile – our Weekly Tile Pick!  You’ll gain insight into which tiles and patterns are buzzing around our office.  This week’s pick is by our beloved, Shelley.  She’s chosen Manganese Riviera Saltillo Tile.  You’ll love her logic on this pick! Manganese Riviera Saltillo is a 2-tile pattern made up of our San Felipe (aka Arabesque) and Fleur de Lis shaped tiles.  The two shapes form an interlocking pattern that we refer to as Riviera.  While this comes in all 3 of our saltillo tile finishes, Shelley has picked this one in our Manganese finish. Manganese Saltillo finish is a really gorgeous blend of neutral tones including light and dark brown, cream, and some terracotta shades that bleed through to the surface.  In the process of creating Manganese saltillo tiles, we add an ingredient to the clay.  This results in a dynamic and versatile…

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Antique Saltillo Tile in the Riviera Pattern

Mexican Quarry Tile Tips for Home Interiors

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You’re midway through building the Spanish style home of your dreams. Mexican quarry tile is the foundation of all things to come with your interior design plans.  The finishing phase is soon to drive you over a cliff, though.  Decisions to make.  Deadlines to meet.  Who really wants to ponder the pros and cons of handles versus knobs in your kitchen? Maybe I can offer a slight reprieve.  Allow me to offer advice about how to make the most of your Mexican quarry tile within the big scheme of your home interior design.  If you get the foundation of your design right, it’s far easier to add layers of design that make sense! Your home is most likely made up of several rooms.  Unless, that is, you’re building 1 giant igloo to encompass all facets of your home… in which case there are probably bigger issues to discuss in your life….

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encaustic cement tile

Rustico Tile featured on Houzz

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It’s such an honor to be featured in any publication.  We’ve been fortunate to be featured on Houzz multiple times.  Sometimes I post these features, and sometimes I don’t.  Today the wind is blowing me in the direction to share this feature with you! Whether you’re installing our Cement Tile or Saltillo Tile in your bathroom, these tips are helpful!  Check it out! What You Need to Know Before Tiling Your Bathroom If you haven’t already selected tile for your bathroom space, let us help you.  Cement tile is wildly popular these days.  There are tons of designs, an endless array of colors and patterns to suite any interior design style (literally!). Or you can consider saltillo flooring for your bathroom.  Saltillo comes in 3 different finishes (Traditional, Manganese or Antique), a variety of shapes and sizes, and accent tiles can be thrown in for more color. Both types of…

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antique riviera saltillo tile

Terracotta Floor Tile Designs

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Take your Spanish style home from boring to tantalizing with terracotta floor tile designs.  Gone on the days of unadorned floors.  Color, shapes, sizes… it all expresses your home-style.  Don’t. Be. Boring. So where should you start?  I’ve put together 5 basic steps to follow for picking terracotta floor tile designs that could be perfect for your space.  These guidelines might not be right for everyone but hey… this is kind of our thing.  No, it’s really our thing.  Take whatever useful tips from this that you can use! Step 1 – Determine your style.  I keep mentioning Spanish style homes because those homes naturally call for terracotta floor tile designs.  Maybe you’re more Mediterranean focused?  Is Moroccan your thing?  How about country-living Tuscan style?  Working on a beach-side home? (In which case, my introverted self is jealous of your salty air, ocean breeze, and sounds of thundering waves.) Ahhhh. Ok – I’m…

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cement tile bathroom floors

Beautiful Cement Tile Bathroom Floors

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Cement tile bathroom floors are a huge trend these days!  And why not? Cement tiles are beautiful, functional and easy to maintain. Gone are the days of laminate flooring.  Hello decorative tile flooring!  Leading the pack is encaustic-style cement tile.  One of the most popular spaces for this hand-crafted tile is cement tile bathroom floors. Even in tiny spaces, cement tiles work.  Here is an 8×8-inch size custom made tile from our  Traditional Collection.  These tiles are made-to-order in any color combination of your choice.  Customizing cement tile bathroom floors gives your home a personalized touch. Go big or go home!  That’s the statement in this glorious bathroom featured in Elle Decor.  How about taking a soak in this copper tub laid atop the foundation of glorious concrete tiles.  Did you notice the border tile around the field tile? Borders create a frame around your main flooring space. Still under…

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