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Manganese Mexican Saltillo Tile

Manganese Riviera Saltillo Tile

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I’m starting a series here at Rustico Tile – our Weekly Tile Pick!  You’ll gain insight into which tiles and patterns are buzzing around our office.  This week’s pick is by our beloved, Shelley.  She’s chosen Manganese Riviera Saltillo Tile.  You’ll love her logic on this pick! Manganese Riviera Saltillo is a 2-tile pattern made up of our San Felipe (aka Arabesque) and Fleur de Lis shaped tiles.  The two shapes form an interlocking pattern that we refer to as Riviera.  While this comes in all 3 of our saltillo tile finishes, Shelley has picked this one in our Manganese finish. Manganese Saltillo finish is a really gorgeous blend of neutral tones including light and dark brown, cream, and some terracotta shades that bleed through to the surface.  In the process of creating Manganese saltillo tiles, we add an ingredient to the clay.  This results in a dynamic and versatile…

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riviera manganese saltillo tile

Saltillo Tile Produced By Rustico Tile

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When you buy saltillo tile produced by Rustico Tile and Stone, we promise a few things. Ours is the best quality and has best value. And you’ll get the best service from us.  We know that not every person is a customer for our business.  But if you’re in the market to buy saltillo tile, you definitely want to give us a try.  Call us. Get a Quote from us.  Hear us out.  And if we still don’t win you over, it wasn’t meant to be.  But I’m willing to bet my first-born’s lovely blanket… you might like what we have to offer! Saltillo Tile produced by Rustico Tile and Stone is derived from 4 main points. First, it’s authentic and handmade. The real deal.  We are the largest producer for authentic saltillo tile in Mexico.  People in our industry know that saltillo tile produced by Rustico Tile comes with the promise…

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antique riviera saltillo tile

It’s Nice to “Meet” You!

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Hi there! Thanks for checking out our new Rustico Tile and Stone website! We've been hard at work in the past several months to bring our website up to speed with the latest and greatest of all things Mexican tile and stone! As you check out the site, here are a few things to look for. Saltillo Tile – We've added shapes and sizes to our production capabilities for Saltillo floor tile. Did you know we are the largest manufacturer for authentic, handmade Saltillo Tile in Mexico? That's right – and it all comes to our Austin, Texas warehouse just before it's shipped to you. Check out the three finishes of Saltillo Tile that we make here at Rustico Tile and Stone. 1) Traditional Saltillo with terra cotta shades. 2) Manganese Saltillo with browns and terra cotta shades. 3) Antique Saltillo with an old-world, textured look. Cement Tile – This…

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Spanish Style Home

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Built in 2011, this Spanish style home is full of delight for those inspired by architecture in this genre.  Typical features of a Spanish style home include a Hacienda decor, rustic tile and stone, expansive outdoor living spaces, and mixed metals throughout for a modern touch. It’s not a Spanish style home without a classic hacienda feel.  Step into this entry trimmed in Cantera stone (tobacco brown color).  The home boasts decorative features in Cantera – a hand carved stone as seen here.  You’ll also notice matching stone columns in the cigar shape style.  Copper sconces on either side of the entry add a touch of class and craftsmanship. The owners of this home, just outside of Austin, Texas have several places to enjoy outdoor living.  They watch kids play in the front courtyard which is laden with brick pavers, stone columns and a fire-fountain.  Get this look by considering…

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How to Install Saltillo Tile

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Do you have questions about how to install Saltillo Tile?  Our professional installers have been hard at work in West Texas working on a rustic-style Hacienda Home.  We’ve documented it step-by-step so you can see the process that our installers use turn boring slabs into works of art installing Saltillo Tile. In the following photo gallery, feast your eyes on Traditional Saltillo tile installed on an outdoor patios, breezeways and porches.  Cantera stone 4×4 tiles are inserted in this spanish tile floor to create a beautiful outdoor living space – which is also complimented by Cantera columns and stone surrounds.  The interior of this hacienda features our Manganese Saltillo tile which evokes a warm and cozy setting for this rustic-style home. With close to 11,000 square feet of space to cover, watch how this West Texas hacienda home comes to life.  Each photo is documented with an explanation so if you get…

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