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hexagon cement tile floors

Cement Tile Floors: The Most Common Mistakes People Make

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Some people like to make things more difficult than necessary. I happen to be an expert on this subject. I learn lessons the hard way. Frequently. (Sigh) Installing and maintaining cement tile floors is not something that should cause strife in your life. Avoid these common mistakes that people make with cement tile floors and save your hard lessons for more important things in life! Work with a clean surface. Cement tile that is fresh off the production line has fine pigmented portland cement dust on its surface. Prior to moving full force ahead with installation, your installer needs to wipe the tiles clean with a damp rag to remove this dust.  This prevents any unnecessary pigment stain on the surface of the tile.  I can’t emphasize this point enough if you’re installing cement tile floors with light and dark colors in the design. The dark color dust can bleed into the light…

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Rustico Tile and Stone Catalog

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For your convenience, you can view or download our Rustico Tile and Stone company catalog.  To learn more about any of our Mexican tile and stone product lines, contact a product specialist today or call us at (512) 260-9111.  We offer wholesale prices, trade discounts, and shipping worldwide!  Click to Download Catalog for printing. Make Every Space Count by Rustico Tile and Stone

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philadelphia cement tile

Trends for Cement Tile Bathrooms

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You’ve come to the right post to learn about the latest trends for Cement Tile Bathrooms!  There is a statement to be made in any overlooked bathroom space. It starts with your tile selection. The true beauty of cement tile bathroom options stems from it’s durability.  Yes, cement tile makes for pretty rooms and all that jazz… but the durability of these concrete constructed tiles adds enormous value and lifespan to your home’s bathrooms.  Cement tile should be sealed after it’s installed, so it’s a good idea to invest in long-lasting sealer like our TerraNano sealer for reduced maintenance over the years. We work with a variety of interior designers from around the world on a daily basis.  By reading this post, you’re taking advantage of knowledge that homeowners are paying big bucks to learn.  Allow me to serve you by passing through what I’m seeing from designers in our most recent weeks. Colors….

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Sealed Saltillo Tile – Why Seal Again?

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If it’s already sealed saltillo tile, why do I need to seal it again? This is our question of the week.  And it’s a GREAT question! 99% of the time, we recommend that our customers buy sealed saltillo tile (also known as presealed saltillo).  In a nutshell, it’s the best value in the long run, requires the least amount of maintenance, and your installer will love you. Sealed saltillo tile from Rustico Tile and Stone has already been coated with 5+ layers of penetrating sealer.  This penetrating sealer for saltillo tile has a few benefits that are critical to enjoy a low-maintenance terracotta floor for many years.  With several coats of sealer added to the clay, the tile is naturally strengthened.  Saltillo clay is known for its durability, but when the clay absorbs multiple coats of sealer, it is fortified.  In short, a sealed saltillo tile is stronger than an unsealed saltillo…

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