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Mexican Tile Cheat Sheet (Everything ‘important’ to Know about Saltillo Tile)

Mexican Tile Cheat Sheet

This is the most useful information about handmade Saltillo tile on the internet.

No kidding.

Let's start with the basics - terracotta tile characteristics, colors, patterns, & prices

What is Mexican Saltillo Tile?

characteristics of handmade terracotta flooring

What are Saltillo tile colors?

traditional, manganese, antique, & spanish mission red

What are Saltillo tile patterns?

explore Mexican Saltillo shapes & sizes

How much does Saltillo tile cost?

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Here are some things we get a little nostalgic about - Mexican tile craftsmen & women

How Mexican Saltillo Tile is Made

behind the scenes in Mexico

The (Timeless) Hands of Architecture

ta craft passed on for generations

Should I Buy Sealed or Unsealed Saltillo?

which is best for your project

Pick the Best Mexican Tile Design

design tips from the pros

Now let's explore the (boring) technical stuff - installation, cleaning, maintenance, & grout

How to Install Saltillo Floor Tile

diy guide for concrete & plywood subfloors

How to clean Saltillo floors

diy tips for easy cleaning

How to Pick the best grout color

complement, contrast, & other ideas for grout colors

How to Strip Saltillo Floors

should it really be stripped?

...and a little more research for the overachiever in you! ☺

Saltillo Floor Tile FAQs & Advice

a comprehensive list of things to know before you buy

Ultimate Guide to Saltillo Flooring

Mexican tile then and now

What (Not) to do with Saltillo floors

please heed our advice to save time & money

Rustic Attributes of Saltillo Tiles

what drives our world

Check out some other things that make us tick!

Complete Guide to Terracotta Tile

everything you need to know

Ultimate Guide to Rustic Decor

diy tips for a rustic style interior

Browse Types of Handmade Mexican Tile

saltillo, cement, cantera stone, & talavera

About the Mexican Tile Experts (& Max)

learn from the pros

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